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Strategic Alliance to Provide Corporate Community with High-End Internet & Intranet Solutions

LONDON, Ontario (February 17, 1997) - Addressing a rapidly maturing Internet market, three local firms have announced a strategic alliance to develop high-end Internet & Intranet products. Micro-Tek Systems Inc., The Galileo Group Inc. and Interactive Online Ltd. will deliver a specialized group of products and services designed to enhance corporate information systems.

Interactive Online and The Galileo Group, established firms in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, specialize in Internet development and conductivity. Micro-Tek, Systems operating in London, is a computer hardware re-seller. Together, they will focus on mid to large-sized enterprises who are demanding the latest technologies to enhance their internal data systems. Primarily, the alliance will focus on the development of corporate Intranets, as well as to provide high-speed Internet connectivity.

"Over the last couple of years," says Galileo's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bryon Thur, "we have watched Internet technologies alter the way firms do business. Our shared vision, as three technological firms working together, is to help organizations enhance the data flow within their Information Systems, and to reduce their overall costs." The triumvirate will fulfill this vision by delivering a combination of high-end computer hardware, local and wide area networking services, direct Internet connectivity, as well as customized application development."

Intranets are essentially computer networks which allow for information distribution using open communication standards and protocols. "The Internet is an ideal breeding ground for information sharing and technological development," says Interactive Online Vice-President, Ken Rastin. "Our goal is to incorporate these existing technologies within an enterprise's local and wide-area communications and networking strategy. In doing so, we can enhance the data flow within a company, and help them reduce costs."

"The opportunities in London are virtually limitless," continues Thur. "We are anticipating a great deal of growth in the market, and look forward to working successfully with Micro-Tek and Interactive Online."

For more information:

The Galileo Group Inc.
Bryon Thur
(519) 576-8317 (Kitchener)
(519) 438-3730 (London)
(519) 576-0507 (fax)
Interactive Online Ltd.
Ken Rastin
(519) 886-8286 (Kitchener)
(519) 438-3730 (London)
(519) 886-5766 (fax)
Micro-Tek Systems Inc. Hameed Mohammed (519) 438-9150 (London) (519) 438-8416 (fax)

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