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Software Development Firm Creates Application for Clients to Measure Internet Success

KITCHENER, Ontario (June 13, 1997) - For business to get the most out of an Internet presence requires a firm understanding of how successful each and every section on their web site is. Without such a measure, discovering an ineffective or un-visited section becomes a daunting task, which in turn makes it virtually impossible to tweak the web site to its maximum effectiveness. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of powerful yet simple tools to accomplish such a task.

To solve the problem, The Galileo Group Inc. has developed "Tally", an application which helps businesses measure the real impact of their online documents. Using Tally, Galileo customers can easily determine the impact of each component of their web site, which will enable them to make solid business decisions about how to increase its overall effectiveness.

"Tally solves two major problems businesses face with their online strategies," says Galileo President, Douglas Braun. "First, it points out areas which are not generating the type of impact desired by the client. Second, and more importantly, Tally provides our clients with the ability to make informed decisions about which areas of their web site require attention. Further, as web site adjustments are made, Tally can be used to accurately measure the impact of those changes."

The package allows great flexibility in selecting and displaying statistics, and is accessible via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Popular features include the ability to compare trends between different date periods, determine popularity based on time of day (e.g., European vs. North American users), and to pinpoint activity on a single section within a web site. In fact, Tally even allows a user to measure the number of times a single picture has been accessed within a particular time period.

Tally, which is currently available only for Galileo Group clients, was designed using portable technology which can be applied by Internet Service Providers around the world. "The focus of Galileo," states Braun, "is to provide business with the tools and metrics to help them succeed. Tally provides them with exactly that, and will greatly help them when it comes to profiting from their online ventures."

For more information call: Douglas Braun, President, or Bryon Thur, V.P. Sales & Marketing, The Galileo Group Inc., (519) 576-8317; for Internet inquiries, visit their web site at

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