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Galileo web site featured in Industry Canada case study

(You can view a complete copy of the Case Study by clicking here!)

KITCHENER, Ontario (March 30, 1998) - Braun's Bicycle and Fitness, operating in downtown Kitchener since 1925, has always used cutting edge technology to help maintain a strong competitive presence. Over the last 3 years, this has included operating a powerful, secure Internet web site aimed at selling products directly to an International marketplace.

Their web site, called "Braun's Online" (, has been extremely successful. Braun's regularly ships products all over the world, which consumers purchase directly from their web site using their credit card, or by arranging a direct bank transfer. The site has been so successful, in fact, that it's recently attracted the attention of Industry Canada, who have written a case study about the web site.

The study focuses predominately on how Braun's has successfully used cutting edge Internet technologies to dramatically increase their market and overall revenues. "Industry Canada wanted to demonstrate how a small business could use the Internet to increase revenues, and not just publish static information," says General Manager Robert Braun. "They we're very impressed with the commerce features we've implemented in order to sell and ship products to a worldwide market." Some of the custom features developed for Braun's Online include a searchable product database, secure online shopping capability, global shipping cost estimator and currency exchange calculator.

In addition to the technological aspects of Braun's Online which have made it successful, the Government study also highlights the "apparently unique" partnership between Braun's and The Galileo Group Inc., the Kitchener-based firm who developed the web site.

"Industry Canada was very interested in the close working relationship we've developed with Braun's over the last few years," says Galileo V.P. of Sales and Marketing, Bryon Thur. "Robert and his team constantly challenge us to develop new technologies and features which will help them sell more products. In exchange, they allow Galileo to use Braun's Online as a test bed for development and testing of these new features."

The case study which will be released on Industry Canada's popular Strategis web site in April, is a strong indicator that the years of working closely together have begun paying off. Galileo has recently packaged the Internet commerce software developed with Braun's in mind, and is successfully marketing it as Galileo Commerce. Similarly, sales generated from Braun's Online continue to grow, and new and improved features are introduced all the time.

The case study concludes with exactly this sentiment, stating that "for both companies... the overall results are unequivocally positive."


The Galileo Group Inc., located in the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle, is a supplier of high-performance, web-based computing solutions which help enterprises compete in the global marketplace. Galileo provides its clients with winning Internet and Intranet advantages through advanced networking infrastructures and integrated software solutions.

Braun's Bicycle & Fitness is located at 27 Scott Street in Kitchener, where they have sold high quality bicycle, fitness & fashion products since 1925.

For more information contact Bryon Thur, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of The Galileo Group Inc. at (519) 576-8317; for Internet inquiries, visit their web site at "". Robert Braun, General Manager of Braun's Bicycle & Fitness, can be reached at (519) 579-2453, or by e-mail at Industry Canada's Strategis web site is located at

(You can view a complete copy of the Case Study by clicking here!)

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