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Agricultural training organization launches innovative Internet-based curriculum

KITCHENER, Ontario (May 12, 1998) -- As the Internet continues to become a more important component of everyday business, organizations are finding innovative ways to take advantage of the technology. Case in point, the Ontario Agricultural Training Institute (O.A.T.I.), located on the web at, have recently developed and launched curriculum solely for use on the Internet.

Now, farmers from across Ontario, and Canada as a whole, can enroll in a complete O.A.T.I. course which can be completed at their own pace from their home computer. Course curriculum, developed by Guelph-based Business Works of Ontario, is written specifically for the Internet, and allows users to take advantage of the medium.

"The Internet is a non-linear, dynamic medium which isn't dependent on time zones or location," says Business Works President, Jaellayna Palmer. "The Farmers who take these courses do so at their own pace, and in the comfort of their own homes. And, if they perform the independent exercises and participate in the interactive discussions with their classmates, they will receive a very valuable experience."

The course software, developed by Kitchener-based Internet firm The Galileo Group, contains features which allow students to interact with one another, keep track of their progress, and take interactive exercises which provide immediate feedback. In addition, there is a facilitator for each session in a course to offer assistance, guidance, and to lead discussions between participants.

Marjery Taylor, General Manager of O.A.T.I., is impressed with the capabilities the Internet can offer their students. "For the first time," explains Taylor, "students now have an additional option for taking our courses, no matter how hectic and irregular their schedules are. In a time where continually learning new skills and techniques is crucial, this is extremely beneficial."

Currently, O.A.T.I. offers one course through the Internet, but anticipates having many more in the future. "As more and more farmers continue to become computerized and get hooked up to the Internet," concludes Taylor, "technologies such as these will provide them with opportunities they could not have imagined only 10 years ago!"


The Galileo Group Inc., located in the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle, is a supplier of high-performance, web-based computing solutions which help enterprises compete in the global marketplace. Galileo provides its clients with winning Internet and Intranet advantages through advanced networking infrastructures and integrated software solutions.

For more information contact Bryon Thur, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of The Galileo Group Inc. at (519) 576-8317; for Internet inquiries, visit their web site at "". Jaellayna Palmer, President of Business Works of Ontario can be reached at (519) 822-5121, or on the web at "". Marjery Taylor, General Manager of the Ontario Agricultural Training Institute, can be contacted at 416-485-3677 or at their web site located at "".

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