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Galileo Group announces strategic partnership to deliver Secure Internet credit card processing

KITCHENER, Ontario (February 1, 1999) -- -- The Galileo Group, a leader in Internet Commerce since 1995, today announced a strategic partnership with Internet Secure to deliver real-time, secure Internet credit card processing for Galileo's worldwide electronic-commerce applications.

Electronic commerce is currently growing at an annual rate of approximately 400%. Online sales are expected to reach $108 Billion by 2003, about 6% of the entire U.S. retail economy.

The Galileo Group has integrated Internet Secure's credit card transaction services within Galileo Commerce, the state-of-the-art Internet storefront and management system designed to enable retail and wholesale companies to take advantage of the global growth in electronic commerce.

Internet Secure, based in Oakville, Ontario, validates and processes credit card transactions from Internet sales, immediately, greatly reducing fraud, and increasing the security and efficiency of commerce sites using their services. Formed in 1995, Internet Secure is a leader in providing online credit card authorization, and is approved by the major Canadian banks, trust companies and credit unions, as well as by 148 American banks.

"The partnership between Galileo Group and Internet Secure will ensure that our customers can generate more Internet sales, with much greater security," says Galileo's V.P. of Sales & Marketing, Bryon Thur. "As electronic commerce becomes more and more important for our customers, it's essential that we continue our strategy of staying at the forefront with these technologies."


The Galileo Group Inc., located in the heart of Canada's Technology Triangle, is a supplier of high-performance, web-based computing solutions which help enterprises compete in the global marketplace. Galileo provides its clients with winning Internet and Intranet advantages through advanced networking infrastructures and integrated software solutions.

For more information contact Bryon Thur, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of The Galileo Group Inc. at (519) 576-8317; or visit their web site at; or visit the Galileo Commerce web site at

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